Hi-Tech Public School

A CBSE School From Hi-Tech Group

Why Hi-Tech Public School

The School is committed to the over all development of the child’s persona.

Students are given un-common opportunities to prove their academic excellence and personality.

Besides the academics, physical education, study trips, cultural activities.

Martial Art and Science and Technology are also given equal priority for all round development of the students.


At Hi-Tech Public School we endeavor to expand its frontiers providing quality education of holistic approach that aims at blossoming of the intellect as well as character and behavior of the individual.

To infuse among the students a sense of discipline to promote healthy habits academically socially and physically, mentally we implement a wide variety of teaching learning strategies and learning activities like listening observing, thinking, participating, analyzing, creating, reading and writing.


We envisage that students will learn, grow and develop by virtue of their talents, in an atmosphere provided to them realizing their rights and responsibilities towards nation as well as the globe.


The Hi-Tech Public School follows CBSE Pattern of education and aims at making it one of the leading institutions of the country providing a stress free, joyful learning atmosphere for the students.