Hi-Tech Public School

A CBSE School From Hi-Tech Group
The admission process is as follows:

Collect the application form from our school.

Complete the application forms and send them together with all the supporting documents to the Hi-Tech Public School Admissions Office by courier or registered post to the mentioned address .

Once all application materials have been received and reviewed, you will be noticed.

Where applicable, a date will be set for the admission test and interview as well as a tour of the school and residences .

Applying to Hi-Tech Public School

As you consider applying to Hi-Tech Public School, please take advantage of the information on our website to find out about Hi-Tech Public School's programmes, residences, staff and students, fees and admission process.

Our website should provide you with all helpful information, including answers to some frequently asked questions. If you continue to have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


( Admission will be made strictly on the basis of merit.)




1. Birth Certificate from the competent authority

2. Incase of any chronic disease produce detailed information.

3. Achievement record of previous school.

4. Xerox copy of any ID proof of parents.

Std I to III

1. Birth Certificate

2. Academic Report Card Of Previous Class

3. Proper Health Information.

4. Transfer Certificate.

5. Xerox copy of any ID proof of parents.


1.Transfer Certificate

2.Academic Report Card Of Previous Class

3.Achievement Card If Any.

4.Xerox copy of any ID proof of parents.