Hi-Tech Public School

A CBSE School From Hi-Tech Group


SCHOOL BUS- Students can avail the transport facility provided by the school through a contract subject to availability of routes drawn up carefully.

The Students have to submit the prescribed registration form duly filled in along with the bus fees for the ensuing year/session in the beginning of the session for availing the bus service or from the date intending to avail the bus service. Bus identity card will be issued to each student by the school authority which is non- transferable.

The Bus fee is to be deposited quarterly for or before availing the bus service. No fee will be refunded/adjusted in case of withdrawal from the bus in mid-session.

Children are not allowed to change their buses under any circumstances on pretext like visiting their friends or relatives. If any change has to be made, parents are requested to come personally and collect the child after permission from the competent authority.

During strike/unrest the buses may not ply.Parents have to make their own arrangement to send their wards to the school & vice-versa.

The ensure safe community, following rules should be strictly followed.

Door to door service is only allowed for the kids of play group.

TWO WHEELERS- Cycles must be locked. Riding in the school campus is strictly prohibited. Bikes and scooties are not allowed for the school students.